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Early Modern – Archive


Spring 2017

Thursday, February 9, 2:00-3:30 pm | Clemens 306
Work-in-Progress Workshop
Erik Seeman, Professor of History, SUNY at Buffalo, “Elegy in Puritan New England: Speaking with the Dead”

Thursday, February 16, 2:00-3:30 pm | Clemens 306
Work-in-Progress Workshop toward the April 2017 Shakespeare Association of America Conference
Christine Varnado, UB Global Gender Studies/Transnational Studies, “Unrepaired: Macbeth and the Politics of Negative Affect”

Thursday, March 2, 3:00-5:00 pm | Clemens 306
Business Meeting

Thursday, March 16, 3:30-5:00 pm | Clemens 306
Giuseppe Gerbino, Professor of Historical Musicology, Columbia University, “Music, Mind, and Soul in the Renaissance”
Co-sponsored by the UB Humanities Institute Science Studies Research Workshop

Thursday, April 20, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm | Capen 420
Symposium: “As from a voyage, rich with merchandise”
Returns from the Folger: A Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of UB’s Membership in the Folger Institute
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Fall 2016

October 13-14, 2016 | Various Locations and Times
2016-2017 Annual Conference: Object and Adaptation: The Worlds of Shakespeare and Cervantes
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Thursday, February 25
Barbara Bono, UB English
“The Cult of Elizabeth and the Production of Elizabethan Literature”

Friday, February 26, 3pm
532 Park Hall
Hal Langfur, UB History
“Native Informants, Backcountry Criminality, and the Subversion of Territorial Control in Colonial Brazil”

Monday, March 28, 3:30pm
107 Capen Hall
Emma Smith, Oxford University
“From the Barbican to Buffalo: Why Shakespeare’s First Folio Matters”

Tuesday, April 5
“Object and Adaptation: The Worlds of Shakespeare and Cervantes, Interlude I” “Shakespeare’s Afterlives: Contemporary Approaches to Shakespeare 400 Years Later”

Wednesday, April 6, 3:30pm
107 Capen Hall
Roger Chartier, University of Pennsylvania; Peter Stallybrass, University of Pennsylvania

Friday, April 15
WooSoo Park, Hankuk University, Seoul
“Shakespeare in North Korea”

Friday, April 22, 10am
“Shakespeare Pedagogy and Adaptation”

Spring 2015

Friday, February 20, 3pm
532 Park Hall
Marissa Rhodes, UB History
“Domestic Vulnerabilities: Reading Families and Bodies into Eighteenth-Century Anglo-Atlantic Wet-Nurse Advertisements”

Wednesday, March 4, 12:30pm
306 Clemens Hall
Barbara Bono, UB English
“Ben Jonson’s The Alchemist and Re-Amortizing the Body Politic”

Friday, April 10, 12:00pm
280 Park Hall
Chi-Ming Yang, University of Pennsylvania
“Animating Slavery, Silver, and Anglo-Spanish Value, ‘from China to Peru’”

Tuesday, April 28, 12:30pm
1004 Clemens Hall
Carl Nightingale, UB Transnational Studies
“Imagining World Histories of Race: The Dialectics of Master-Words, Meanings, and Practices”

Fall 2014

Tuesday, September 2, 12:30pm
280 Park Hall
Surekha Davis, Western Connecticut State University
“Of Monsters and Men: Historicizing the Human in Early Modern Europe”

Tuesday, September 16, 12:00pm
Gender Institute, 207 UB Commons
Jessica Delgado, Princeton University
“Women as Witnesses: Gossip, Confession and the Local Impact of the Mexican Inquisition”

Thursday, September 18, 11:00am
280 Park Hall
William Reddy, Duke University
“The Paradox of Modernity: Recent Debates and Their Implications for the Seventeenth Century”

Monday, September 29, 1:00pm
509 O’Brian Hall
Luc Foisneau, CNRS
“Against Reason of State and Political Theology: Early Modern Arguments”

Monday, October 6, 3:30pm
1032 Clemens Hall
Steven Shapin, Harvard University
“‘You Are What You Eat’: Historical Aspects of Food and Identity”

Wednesday, December 3, 2:00pm
545 Park Hall
Pedro Cardim, New University of Lisbon/ New York University
“Agency across the Sea: Salvador da Bahia’s City Council, Its Representatives in Lisbon, and the Governance of the 17th-Century Portuguese Atlantic”

Fall 2013

October 4, 12:30PM
Ralph Bauer, University of Maryland
1032 Clemens Hall
“The Alchemy of Conquest: Prophecy, Discovery and the Secrets of the New World”

October 28, 12PM
Graham Hammill, UB English
128A Clemens Hall
“From the Law of Nations to Human Society: Civility and Violence in Wroth’s Urania”

November 8, 4PM
Steve Mentz, St. John’s University
306 Clemens Hall
“Ocean Thinking”

Spring 2013

Wednesday, April 2, 4:00 pm
930 Clemens Hall

Marco Faini, Cambridge University
“Domestic Devotions in Early Modern Italy: Two Case-Studies in Venice and Naples”

Thursday, April 3, 12:30-2:00 pm
509 O’Brian Hall
Lauren Benton, New York University
“The Promise of Protection: The Imperial Origins of an International Law Doctrine”

Friday, April 4, 10-11:30 am
509 O’Brian Hall
Works-in-progress session, TBA

Fall 2012

Friday, September 21, 12PM
318 Clemens Hall (Silverman Room)
Jane Newman — UC-Irvine, Professor of Comparative Literature
“Auerbach’s Dante: Poetical Theology and the Question of World Literature”

Friday, September 28, 12PM-3PM
420 Capen Hall (The Poetry Collection)
History of the Book Symposium: “Gathering and Scattering in Early Print Culture”
Peter Stallybrass — University of Pennsylvania, Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Randall McLeod — University of Toronto, Emeritus Professor, Department of English
“Ghostlier Demarcations”

Friday, October 26, 12PM-1:30PM
306 Clemens Hall
Faculty Works-in-Progress
David R. Castillo — UB Romance Languages and Literatures
“Baroque Horror”

Friday, December 7, 12PM-1:30PM
306 Clemens Hall
James Bono — UB, Chair and Associate Professor, Department of History
“How to Read the Book of Nature Literally: Boyle, the Bible, and the Book of Nature”

Friday, February 8, 3:30PM
306 Clemens Hall
Kathleen Biddick — Temple University, Professor of History
“Deciding on the Tree of Life: The Biopolitics of Political Theology”

Friday, February 15, 12PM
310 Clemens Hall (Oscar Silverman Room)
Liana Vardi — UB History
“Who was a counter-revolutionary?”

Thursday, March 7, 3:30PM
306 Clemens Hall
Janet Sorensen — UC Berkeley
Sponsored by Juxtaposition
Title TBA

Thursday, April 18, 3:30PM
306 Clemens Hall
Cynthia Wall — UVA
“The Grammar of Approach”

Friday, April 26, 12PM
318 Clemens Hall (Oscar Silverman Room)
Graham Hammill — UB English
“Mary Wroth and Cosmopolitan Romance”

2011-2012 EVENTS

Thursday, September 22 |  Jane Tylus (Department of Italian Studies, NYU)
“Gaspara Stampa, Louise Labe, and the return of Sappho” (904 Clemens Hall, 3:00PM)
Event sponsored by Romance Languages

Monday, October 10 |  Jonathan Goldberg (Department of English, Emory University)
“Carnival in The Merchant of Venice” (306 Clemens Hall, 4:00PM)
Event sponsored by Medieval-Early Modern Student Association

Friday, November 4 |  Andy Stott (Department of English, UB)
Title TBA (306 Clemens Hall, 12:00PM)
Faculty works-in-progress series

Thursday, November 17 |  Helen Thompson (Department of English, Northwestern University)
“‘It was impossible to know these people’: Secondary Qualities and the Form of Character in A Journal of the Plague Year” (319 Clemens Hall, 4:00PM)

Wednesday, December 7 |  Jean Baumgarten (Directeur de Recherche, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Centre des Hautes Etudes Juives, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris)
“Old Yiddish literature and the popularization of Kabbalah in Ashkenazi Society, 17th to 18th century” (306 Clemen Hall, 4PM)

Friday, February 10 |  Erik Seeman (Department of History, UB)
“Speaking with the Dead in the American Enlightenment” (location 306 Clemens Hall, 12:00PM)
Respondent: Ruth Mack
Faculty works-in-progress series
pre-circulated paper available via UB Online Reserves under HIS000

Friday, February 24
Roundtable: Early Modern Masculinities (12-5PM, 532 Park Hall)

Tuesday, March 27 | Jacques Lezra (Comparative Literature, NYU)
“Mediation more ferarum: For Bestiality” (120 Clemens Hall, 4:30-6:30PM)
Lecture and seminar

Wednesday, March 28 | Jacques Lezra (Comparative Literature, NYU)
“‘Puta Vieja’: On Contingency in Translation” (306 Clemens, 1:30-3:00PM)

2010-2011 EVENTS

Thursday, September 30-Friday, October 1, 2010|  Fall Conference

“Knowledge in the Making, 1400-1700: Science, Art, and Epistemology.”  This conference aims to bring together an exciting group of scholars working on art, science and epistemology in the early modern period from a range of disciplinary perspectives. With attention to art-science relations in early modern England, France, Italy, Iberia, and the Americas, the conference aims to spark cross-cultural as well as cross-disciplinary conversations. Speakers include: Mary Baine Campbell (English, Brandeis); Tom Conley (Romance Languages, Harvard); Jorge Canizarez Esguerra (History, University of Texas); Pamela O. Long (History, Independent Scholar); Gerard Passannante (English, University of Maryland); Pamela H. Smith (History, Columbia); Elizabeth Spiller (English, Florida State University); Scott Manning Stevens (Director of the Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies, Newberry Library); Valerie Traub (English and Women’s Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor). See link above for conference website with program details and registration form. Conference is free and open to the public, advance registration required.

*Thursday, October 7, 2010 |  Jeffrey Jerome Cohen (Department of English, George Washington Univ.)
“The Sex Life of Stone: Dreaming the Lithic in the Middle Ages.” (306 Clemens Hall, 3:30PM) * Event sponsored by the Medieval-Early Modern Student Association

Thursday, November 11, 2010 | Christopher Pye (Department of English, Williams)
“The Storm at Sea: Political Aesthetics from Shakespeare to Hobbes.” (306 Clemens Hall, 4PM)

Thursday, December 2, 2010 | Faculty works-in-progress series
Ruth Mack (Department of English, UB)
Title TBA (306 Clemens Hall, 12PM)

*Friday, December 10, 2010 | Randy Schiff (English, University at Buffalo)
“Arthurian Sovereignty and Animalized Violence: Terror and Territory in Ywain and Gawain
Presentation for “Scholars at Muse” (Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Muse Restaurant, 4PM)

Friday, February 18, 2010 | Faculty works-in-progress series
Amy Graves (Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, UB)
“Bitter Fruits: Satire and the Anxieties of Social Criticism in Early Modern France” (306 Clemens Hall, 12PM)

Friday, February 25, 2010 | Sandra Macpherson (Ohio State University)
Sponsored by Juxtapositions (Place TBA, 4 PM)

Thursday, March 3, 2011 | Jacob Soll (Department of History, Rutgers)
“[TBA]” (306 Clemens Hall, 4PM)

Friday, April 1, 2011 | Faculty works-in-progress series
Claire Schen (Department of History, UB)
“Learning from the Seas: Temporal and Spiritual Traffique in Early Seventeenth-Century England” (306 Clemens Hall, 12 PM)

Monday, April 18, 2011 |  Lorraine Daston (Director of the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin and Professor, Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago)
Event sponsored by the Early Modern Research Workshop and the Humanities Institute
“Epistemic Images in Early Modern Botany” (120 Clemens Hall, 4 PM)

2009-2010 EVENTS

March 19, 2010 | Michel Fisher (Department of History, Oberlin)
“Images of Asians in Early Imperial Britain”

October 9, 2009 | Ken Mills (Department of Spanish, University of Toronto)
“The Eyes of Faith will See: Sacred Journeying the Early Modern Spanish World”

February 20, 2009 | Ben Schmidt (Department of History, University of Washington)
“The Idea of Europe and its Expansion: Global Exoticism at the Turn of the Eighteenth Century”

October 16, 2008 | Nabil Matar (Department of English, University of Minnesota)
“The Priest, the Sufi and the Chaplain: Three Travelers to the Holy Land”

Upcoming Events

  1. 2018 Buffalo Humanities Festival: Revolutions

    September 20 @ 6:00 pm - September 22 @ 5:00 pm
  2. Early Modern Violence: A Symposium

    September 28 @ 9:45 am - 4:15 pm