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Advanced PhD Fellowships

Humanities Institute PhD Fellowships


The Humanities Institute will award four $6,000 PhD Fellowships for 2017-2018. Fellows will meet in a monthly interdisciplinary works-in-progress seminar.

Application Process:

Each department in the humanities, broadly defined, may nominate up to two candidates for the Fellowships, as selected by the department’s Director of Graduate Studies.

Applications, which are due Saturday, April 1, 2017, must be sent as a single pdf file to HI’s Program Administrator, Maki Tanigaki  The letter of support may be sent as a separate PDF or Word document.

Submission Requirements:

  • PhD Fellowship cover sheet – Download PDF
  • 200-word dissertation abstract
  • four-page double-spaced application statement, including:
    • description of the dissertation and its intellectual contributions
    • plans for the fellowship year
    • timetable for completion
  • CV of no more than two pages
  • letter of support from Dissertation Director (may be sent separately)

Selection Criteria, from most to least important:

  • The dissertation’s quality and scholarly potential
  • The dissertation’s importance and relevance beyond the applicant’s home discipline
  • The applicant’s professional accomplishments, including publications and presentations
  • The applicant’s prospects of finishing the dissertation in the fellowship year
  • The applicant’s demonstrated ability and desire to participate in HI programs

Fellowship Requirements:

  • Fellows must have exhausted their initial package of support from the home department
  • Fellows must reside in WNY during the fellowship year
  • Students may not hold the Humanities Institute Advanced PhD Fellowship and the Public Humanities Fellowship in the same academic year.

About Fellowship Funding and Financial Aid

Per University at Buffalo Department of Financial Aid,

“A fellowship, much like a scholarship, affects your total eligibility for aid. At the start of the awarding process, your total cost of education is determined. Next, we subtract any fellowships/scholarships/additional resources from this amount. The remaining balance represents your total eligibility for financial aid. It is possible for graduate students to be offered and accept a fellowship after financial aid funds have been accepted and/or released to you. When this occurs, your financial aid eligibility will be re-evaluated and adjusted, if needed, even if you have already accepted/received awards.”

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