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Queer Studies

Faculty Coordinators: Jonathan Katz (Art), Christine Varnado (Transnational Studies)

The first Queer Studies course was taught at UB in 1971, a mere two years after the Stonewall riots, and the university continues to have strengths in this field across the humanities disciplines. The longer-term goal of this Research Workshop is to found a doctoral program in Queer Studies at UB.

The workshop participants will convene monthly and work towards assessing key aspects of any such program, including the academic interests and needs of graduate students, areas of overlap in research interests among faculty, and operative models for Queer Studies nationally and internationally. In order to adjudicate the relationship between queer studies, queer student life, queer developent and fundraising, and queer general interest programs, we will seek speakers from institutions with models that weight these different aspects.

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