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Portrait of David Castillo

David R. Castillo

Director, Humanities Institute
Professor of Romance Languages & Literature

David R. Castillo is a Professor in the department of Romance Languages and Literatures, where he served as Chair between 2009 and 2015. He is the author of Baroque Horrors: Roots of the Fantastic in the Age of Curiosities and Awry Views: Anamorphosis, Cervantes, and the Early Picaresque, and co-author of Zombie Talk: Culture, History, Politics and Medialogies: Reading Reality in the Age of Inflationary Media (Bloomsbury, forthcoming 2016). Castillo has also co-edited Reason and Its Others: Italy, Spain, and the New World and Spectacle and Topophilia: Reading Early and Postmodern Hispanic Cultures.

He is a SUNY Buffalo “Scholar on the Road” who has contributed to The New York Times and made appearances in The Voice of America, WBFO, and other media outlets. Castillo received a Licenciatura in Geography and History from the University of Granada and an MA and a PhD in Hispanic Literatures from the University of Minnesota.