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Disability Studies

Faculty Coordinator: Michael Rembis (History)

This group aims to offer broad exposure to innovative methodological and theoretical approaches to studying disability primarily in the humanities, with extensive collaboration in the social sciences, education, law, and the health sciences. It seeks to work with and expand the reach of UB’s Center for Disability Studies.

The Disabilities Studies Research Workshop responds to the increasing demand for an expansion of the programming that the CDS already supports. Given the influx of students in the M.A. program and the growing number of Ph.D. students in American Studies, English, History, and other departments who have indicated an interest in disability, the group brings scholars from various departments in the humanities together with interested community members to discuss the broad range of work in the field.

The Disability Studies in the Humanities Research Workshop (DSH) began during the 2013–2014 academic year. It has a flexible meeting schedule that is devoted to the discussion of “work in progress” and recently published work of both its members and of guest speakers from outside the UB. In the 2014-2015 academic year, the DSH created a Disability, Health, and Medicine Graduate Student Writing Group (DHM) that meets monthly throughout the academic year to discuss the work of its graduate student members. Paper presentations by graduate students include dissertation chapters, conference papers, journal articles, dissertation and book proposals, master’s theses and seminar papers. The DHM graduate student writing group currently has 14 members from across the UB.

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