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Advanced PhD Fellows


Zackary Brown, English, “The Question of Critique: Literary Avant-Gardes in the Present”

Eric Deutsch, History, “Shepherding Independence: The Guide Dog Movement in the United States and the Construction of Disability, Rehabilitation, and Citizenship, 1927-1941”

Victoria Nachreiner, History, “A Marriage of Aesthetics: Afropolitan Consumption, Bodily Practices, and Cis-Atlantic Gendering in Old Calabar, 1840-1940”

Kalpana Subramanian, Media Study, “Cinema of Breath: A Decolonial Aesthetics of Embodiment in Experimental Film”

Judith B. Kerman Graduate Fellow in Humanities and Technology

Jasmina Tacheva, Comparative Literature, “Discomputation: Towards a Theory and Praxis of Data-Tech Liberation”


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