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Executive Committee

Humanities Institute Executive Committee

2020-21 Committee Members

James Currie

Term: August 2018-21
Associate Professor of Music
James Currie is a writer, performer, and Associate Professor in the Department of Music, where he teaches music history to undergraduates, and seminars on the interactions between music and philosophy at the graduate level. He is also a faculty member of the Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Culture. His academic work takes place at the points of intersection between music history, aesthetic formalism, politics and non-academic written forms, and he is presently at work on a book in praise of boundaries and closure, entitled “Temenos: Boundaries of Musical Life.” Outside of the academy he has been active as a performance artist and writer, and in recent years has worked on a number of operatic collaborations with composers for commissions from, amongst others, Radio France, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, and IRCAM at the Pompidou Center in Paris. Details>>

Lindsay Brandon Hunter

Term: January 2020-23
Assistant Professor of Theatre & Dance
Lindsay Brandon Hunter holds an MA in Performance Studies from NYU and a PhD in Theater and Performance Studies from UCLA, where she was awarded a 2012 teaching fellowship from the Colloquium of University Teaching Fellows and the 2011 Aaron Curtis Taylor Memorial Scholarship.  Her current research project focuses on performances of authenticity and realness in intermedial theater, reality television, and immersive and pervasive gaming.  Her published work includes a chapter on alternate reality gaming in the forthcoming Framing Immersive Theatre and Performance (Palgrave) and essays and reviews in Text & Presentation and Theatre Survey.  She is also a past editor of UCLA’s Extensions: The Online Journal of Embodiment and Technology. Details>>

Hal Langfur photoHal Langfur

Term: August 2018-21 [on sabbatical 2019-20]
Associate Professor of History
Dr. Langfur focuses on the history of Brazil, Latin America, and the Atlantic world with an emphasis on race relations; comparative indigenous, frontier, and borderlands histories; colonial violence; state territorialization projects; and conquest and colonization narratives. He is the author of The Forbidden Lands: Colonial Identity, Frontier Violence, and the Persistence of Brazil’s Eastern Indians, 1750 – 1830 (2006) and the editor of Native Brazil: Beyond the Convert and the Cannibal, 1500 – 1900 (2014). Details>>

Ruth Mack portraitRuth Mack

Term: January 2019-22
Associate Professor of English
Ruth Mack is Associate Professor of English and the author of Literary Historicity:
Literature and Historical Experience in Eighteenth-Century Britain (2009). She holds a PhD from the Johns Hopkins University. Details>>

John Opera Department of ArtJohn Opera

Term: January 2020-23
Assistant Professor of Art

In his photo-based work, John Opera combines a deep interest in the visual characteristics of natural and scientific phenomena with a rigorous experimental approach to the techniques and apparatuses by which photographs have been defined and produced. Opera often returns to antiquated—but by no means exhausted—photographic tools and processes, including pinhole imaging, and more recently the cyanotype and anthotype.

He earned his BFA from SUNY New Paltz (1998) and MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2005). He lived, worked, taught, and exhibited in Chicago for more than a dozen years. Opera joined the University at Buffalo in 2017. Details>>

Katja PraznikKatja Praznik

Term: January 2020-23
Associate Professor of Arts Management

Katja Praznik holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Ljubljana. She teaches courses related to the political economy of the arts, cultural policy, and research in the field of arts management. She is the author of The Paradox of Unpaid Artistic Labor: Autonomy of Art, the Avant-Garde and Cultural Policy in the Transition to Post-Socialism (Ljubljana: Sophia, 2016) and Art Work: Invisible Labor and the Legacy of Yugoslav Socialism (forthcoming with University of Toronto Press). Praznik held an HI Faculty Fellowship in 2016-17. Details>>

Ex officio Members

Photo portrait of David Castillo

David Castillo

Director, Professor of Spanish, Romance Languages and Literatures

portrait of christina milletti with head resting on hand

Christina Milletti

Executive Director, Associate Professor of English

Past Members

(listed in reverse chronological order by term)

January 2019-21 [two year term]

  • Camilo Trumper, Associate Professor, History

August 2017-20

  • Jaume Franquesa, Associate Professor, Anthropology
  • Hershini Young, Associate Professor, English [departed UB 2018]

January 2017-20

  • Krzysztof Ziarek, Professor, Comparative Literature

August 2016-19

  • Martha Malamud, Professor, Classics
  • Stephanie Rothenberg, Professor, Art

January 2016-19

  • Erin Hatton, Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Tamara Thornton, Professor, History

August 2015-18

  • Jonathan Golove, Associate Professor, Music
  • Marion Werner, Associate Professor, Geography

August 2014-17

  • Rachel Ablow, Professor, English [abbreviated term ending August 2016]
  • David Schmid, Associate Professor, English
  • Gwynn Thomas, Associate Professor, Transnational Studies

August 2013-16

  • Amy Graves-Monroe, Associate Professor, RLL
  • Carolyn Korsmeyer, Professor, Philosophy
  • Justin Read, Associate Professor, RLL
  • Teri Rueb, Professor, Media Study

January 2013-16

  • Carl Nightingale, Professor, Transnational Studies

August 2012-15

  • Carolyn Higbie, Professor, Classics
  • Ewa Ziarek, Professor, Comparative Literature

August 2011-14

  • Randy Schiff, Associate Professor, English
  • Vasiliki Neofotistos, Associate Professor, Anthropology
  • John Dugan, Associate Professor, Classics



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