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Lecture: Vin Nardizzi, “Vegetable Poems and Portraits in the Renaissance”

306 Clemens Hall

Presented by the Queer Studies Research Workshop Vin Nardizzi, University of British Columbia “Had” the speaker of Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress” “but world enough, and time,” he would write a poem. Its subject and addressee would be his beloved, and its form would be the blazon. He would “praise” her “eyes,” “forehead,” “breast,” her […]

Environmental Humanities Research Workshop Lecture: Kellie Robertson, “Reading the Moon’s Spots: A Genealogy of Lunar Humanities”

306 Clemens Hall

Lecture: Kellie Robertson (University of Maryland, College Park, English): “Reading the Moon’s Spots: A Genealogy of Lunar Humanities” Biography: Kellie Robertson writes about medieval literature and culture; her research and teaching are premised on the idea that a return to this earlier intellectual history can help us to better understand our own modern desires and […]

Environmental Humanities Research Workshop: Ana Mariella Bacigalupo, “The Subversive Power of Sentient Places: Climate Change, Collective Ethics, and Environmental Justice in Northern Peru”

306 Clemens Hall

Poor mestizos in northern Peru offer a new way to theorize humanism and sentient landscapes that interact with humans in terms of environmental justice, collective ethics, and health. This model transcends the limits of ontological cosmopolitics and political ecology. Mestizos respond to climate change and environmental devastation and challenge the governance of late liberalism by […]