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Technoculture Research Workshop: Andrew Lison, “Convolutional Neural Networks, AI, and the Physical Limits of Computing”


CLICK HERE to RSVP It is commonly held that recent advances in “artificial intelligence” have largely been possible due to recent increases in computing power. Moreover, it has long been an engineering assumption, emblematized by Gordon E. Moore's “law,” that this power will continue to improve over time. This talk interrogates the first assumption by […]

Technoculture Research Workshop: Shintaro Miyazaki, “Counter-Algorhythmics as Prefigurative Dance of CommOnism” [ZOOM]


We are excited to announce the first speaker for the Technoculture Research Workshop this year: Shintaro Miyazaki! He will be giving a Zoom talk for us on Friday, March 18 at 10am Buffalo time! Shintaro Miyazaki is a media scholar and, since October 2020, a (junior)-professor in Digital Media and Computation (tenure-track) at the Faculty […]

Technoculture: Jeremy Packer, Paula Nuñez de Villavicencio, and Kate Maddalena, “The Prison House of the Circuit: From Bentham to Buffalo and Back”

538 Clemens

A talk about the book and its polyauthored process. A rollicking romp of signaling without signification, hueing and crying across Civil War dirigibles, deathbed toe tags, and bobby call-boxes, from the Circus Maximus to the highway, all of it ending in an invisible prison of our own design. This polyauthored book will ask you for […]

Technoculture Research Workshop: M. Beatrice Fazi, “Two Definitions of Digital Theory”

538 Clemens

The Technoculture Research Workshop welcomes M. Beatrice Fazi from the University of Sussex. In this talk, M. Beatrice Fazi will advance two parallel propositions that aim to define what digital theory is. First, she will argue that digital theory is a theory that investigates the digital as such and, second, that it is a theory […]