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HI Fund for Conferences & Symposia

The Humanities Institute (HI) offers matching support for conferences, symposia, and workshops related to the humanities and arts. All UB faculty are eligible to apply; events must be held in Western New York. Awards up to $2,000 will be made until funds run out. Awards will be granted on a rolling basis, up to two years in advance of the event. 

Successful applicants will acknowledge the Humanities Institute in all advertising for the event, as well as in any publications resulting from the conference or symposium. Award winners must submit a one-page report – including attendance – within one month of the event.

HI will transfer funds directly to the applicant’s department. Funds may be used for honoraria, food, lodging, travel, supplies, etc. Unused funds must be returned to HI.

Send the proposal via email to the Humanities Institute’s Director, David Castillo ( Proposals must include:

  • Completed application form
  • One-page description of the conference or symposium, including prospective and confirmed participants, intended audience, and potential outcomes
  • Budget, justifying requested amount and identifying other sources of funding equal to or greater than the amount requested from HI

In addition, the faculty member’s Department Chair must also send an email to the Director indicating that s/he has read the proposal, approves the request, and understands that the department will be responsible for administering the funds.