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“Pioneering research shows how Euro-African exchanges transformed West African gender identities” UB Reporter, April 2016

“Visiting prof. premieres adaptation of Wagner’s ‘Ring’ cycle” UB Reporter, April 2016

“Much ado as year-long Shakespeare celebration begins” WBFO, March 2016

Shakespeare conference kicks off visit from Oxford professor” Gusto, March 2016

Scholars@Hallwalls lecture looks at how and why myths begin and change” UB Reporter, March 2016

Author looks to ‘salute’ the heroes of Love Canal” Buffalo News, March 2016

“UB researcher discusses history of job interview” UB Reporter, March 2016

“Digital Scholarship Week explores ways of adapting new technologies to research” UB Reporter, February 2016

“UB Humanities Institute opens lecture series with innovative research-based poetry lecture” UB Reporter, February 2016

“Humanities, arts faculty receive seed funding for innovative projects” UB Reporter, January 2016

“Letter: Shakespeare Resources are Plentiful in Buffalo” Buffalo News, January 2016

“Growing a Garden According to the Economics of Philanthropic Crowdfunding” Hyperallergic, January 2016


Humanities projects receive seed funding” UB Reporter, January 2015

Tenured and Happy” Inside Higher Ed, March 2015

Humanities Institute names 2015-2016 faculty fellows” UB Reporter, May 2015

UB researcher examining the roots of the modern world” WBFO, August 2015

The Role of Décor in Hitler’s Life” NY Times, August 2015

Buffalo Humanities Festival to explore gender issues” UB Reporter, September 2015

Buffalo Humanities Festival takes on gender roles” Buffalo News, September 2015

“Black Art: Why The Artistic Commentary of John Jennings Is So Important” Huffington Post, December 2015


Writer Gary Shteyngart opens an exceptional festival” Buffalo News, September 2014

Exploring Humanities at a Brand New Festival with UB” CW23, September 2014

Scholars@Hallwalls series begins Friday” WBFO, September 2014

Humanities Festival chooses immigrant kitchens for lunch” Buffalo News, September 2014

Humanities Festival to explore migration experience” UB Reporter, September 2014

Acclaimed Author Gary Shteyngart Comes to Buffalo” Buffalo Rising, September 2014

The University at Buffalo’s Humanities Festival” Buffalo Rising, August 2014

Buffalo’s first annual Humanities Festival swings into action Sept. 26-27” UB Reporter, August 2014

Diprose named first WBFO-Silvers Visiting Professor” UB Reporter, August 2014

“Humanities Institute names 2014-15 faculty fellows UB Reporter, July 2014

“‘Ineffably Urban’ tells a new and more complex story about Buffalo in 2014” The Buffalo News, April 2014

“UB events explore artistic possibilities” WBFO, April 2014

“Messaging the Medium” ArtVoice, May 2014

“UB’s place in ‘radical arts’ of 1970s is focus of event” UB News, May 2014




“For Some, H.I.V. Is Embraced, Not Avoided” The New York Times, November 2013

Cahn receives prestigious Vanderbilt fellowship UB Reporter, November 2013

“Shamans weave myth, history to write their story” UB Reporter, October 2013

Alumna gives to help create visiting professorship in College of Arts and Sciences” UB Reporter, October 2013

“Scholars@Hallwalls series begins Friday” WBFO, September 2013

“Chinese Philosophy Lifts Off in America” The Chronicle of Higher Education, September 2013

“Lecture series opens humanities research to public” UB Reporter, September 2013

“Humanities Institute presents programming” UB Reporter, September 2013

“Humanities Institute names faculty fellows, UB Reporter, May 2013

“Looking back at dawn of Woodstock nation,” Buffalo News, April 2013

“Otto named executive director of Humanities Institute,” UB Reporter, April 2013

“The Transnational Turn at UB,” UB Office of the Vice President for Research & Economic Development, April 2013



“Scholars at Hallwalls begins Friday”, WBFO, September 2012

“‘Bat Cloud’ hangs at Tifft”, Buffalo News, August 2012

Humanities Institute announces fellows“, UB Reporter, May 2012

The Soul of Black Comix, UB, April 2012

“‘Fluid Culture’ Continues Its Watery Ways with Authors of International Distinction, UB NewsCenter, March 2012

UB Professor Jon Nelson receives inaugural Humanities Fellowship award, tours with the Genkin Philharmonic, and rearranges the 20th century.., Edge of the Center, February 2012



Activist urges Great Lakes Protection“,, November 2011

Activist Pursues Protection of Great Lakes“, WNED, November 2011

Activist sounds alarm on water woes, UB Reporter, December 2011

Protecting the Great Lakes, WBFO, November 2011

Great Lakes water security: Maude Barlow and our water, Buffalo Rising, November 2011

Activist urges protection of Great Lakes, Buffalo News, November 2011
Higbie Uncovers Historic Deceptions, UB Reporter, November 2011

“Humanities Institute Scholar Session Honors Folklorist, Filmmaker Bruce Jackson”, UB NewsCenter, October 2011

Full Color Depression: First Kodachromes from America’s heartland on view in Buffalo,, October 2011

“‘Water bed’ takes on a fresh meaning bobbling in waves of ‘Fluid Culture'”, Buffalo News, September 2011

“Bed floating in water raises eyebrows”, WIVB, September 2011

Carrie Bramen, “Scholars Series moves to Hallwalls”, Radio Interview by Joyce Kryszak, WBFO, September 2011

David Schmid “Tuscon shooter is not an aberration”, Radio Interview by Joyce Krysak, WBFO, January 2011


“Scholars at Muse ” Spark Conversation Radio Interview by Joyce Krysak, WBFO 5 September 2008

Meeting of Minds by Colin Dabkowski, Buffalo News September 2008

Workshop gives ‘lower’ senses their due 24 April 2008

12 CAS Faculty Members Receive Funding for Research  April 17 2008

‘Re-mapping Buffalo’ – Conference to focus on issues of city’s urban spaces 27 March 2008

SUNY Buffalo Professor Examines Violence in American Culture Radio Interview by Joyce Krysak, WBFO 19 Feb. 2008
Cutting Edge lecture series to open Feb. 23 14 Feb. 2008

Dean, Bramen to lead Humanitites Institute 17 January 2008

UB Humanities Institute Presents Conference on Human Trafficking 15 Oct 2007

Lecture to Explore Future Uses of Synthetic Voices 4 September 2007

Gender Week to feature Sarah Schulman 4 September 2007

Humanities Institute to co-sponsor Irish film festival 7 June 2007

A Big Figure by Jeff Simon, Buffalo News 13 April 2007

Humanities Institute to Hold Open House 8 March 2007

Winter to Present Inaugural Critical Studies Seminar 19 February 2007

Children of the Holocaust — Film Considers Their “Hidden Things”   7 February 2007

Cutting Edge Lecture Series Looks at Murder, Global Warming, Digitized Art and Architecture, World Poverty 6 February 2007

“Joyce with Gusto” to Feature Dance, Theater, Film and Discussions   22 January 2007

Poetry Contest Open to High School Students   17 January 2007

UB Commissions Ballet with ABT Studio Company   12 January 2007

Despite Significant Gains, Women Still Victims of Sexism 6 November 2006

UB to hold humanities meeting Conference to look at how humanities emerged and defined Western culture  12 October 2006

Robert Creeley to be Subject of 3-Day Conference of Scholars  5 October 2006

Future prosperity requires revaluing the arts, humanities. by C.L. Max Nikias, Buffalo News 9 July 2006

A lifeline to high school dropouts by John L. Simpson, Christian Science Monitor, 12 June 2006

Challenging Censorship, celebrating Free Speech. 5 May 2006

New censorship law seen as serious threat to free speech   4 May 2006

Cultural, literary scholarship called “robust”  13 April 2006

Free Saturday Lectures Targeted to High School Students  17 February 2006

Program encourages civic discussion 9 February 2006

Public Reading/Discussion Program Opens Feb. 8     1 February 2006

James Joyce with Gusto” set for Feb. 3  26 January 2006

Poetry Contest Seeks Entries from High School Students   8 December 2005

UB to Hold One of few U.S. Humanities Conferences 20 October 2005

UB to Open Humanities Institute   22 September 2005

Buffalo’s Eighth Annual Joyce Celebration to be Enhanced by Film Festival   6 June 2005


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